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Comany Branding

  • Collaborative Efforts - implement solutions in Nordic Life Sciences
  • Your Navigator through Nordic Life Sciences



The way we understand business collaborations

With 'collaborative' we mean that companies and people decide to work together to reach a shared goal. This shared goal grows out of your specified request and preferences. We help you pool complementary competencies in a 'collaborative effort', also referred to as a 'CEFFORT®', that is designed to help you boost your capacities and to develop your complete business.

We believe that a collaborative mind-set can bring greater resources together and improve your competitiveness on the market. In addition, our understanding of ways to collaborate is illustrated in our corporate logo, our services and tag-lines.



Logotype CEFFORT AB - Click to read more.

The CEFFORT AB logo consists of our corporate brand name and a circle with two arrows.
Logotype Concept - Read more



The CELS Trademark


The abbreviation CELS is short for

CEffort Life Science Network

The CELS Trademark - Read more


Our Tag Lines

The tag line “Collaborative Efforts - implement solutions in Nordic Life Sciences” is to express our belief that by pulling together a complementary set of competencies, Ceffort can help your business to implement solutions, tailored to meet up with your specified business needs, time-frames and budgets.

The tag line “Your Navigator through Nordic Life Sciences” is to emphasize our historical roots in Networking and bringing people together in beneficial collaborations across the Nordic region.

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